Guide to create a USB drive with Windows 8 To Go…..

I used an old drive 40GB 5400 and all the process took about 20-25 minutes considering system preparation for first time boot.

Recommended 32GB+ drive and possibly USB 3.0 so you can have the fast boot features of 8.

Relate to this article for feature overview:

You need:

  • 32 GB or larger USB Drive (It can be a USB Hard Drive)
  • A Windows 8 PC to build the USB drive on. (i used my 7 notebook)
  • A copy of Imagex.exe from the Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit installed on Windows 7 or XP. ImageX can be found in C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64 or C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86. (ho usato la amd64)

Create the Windows 8 To Go USB Device:

  1. Be sure that the USB drive is plugged in.
  2. open cmd (administrator) and type DiskPart and hit Enter
  3. Type List Disk and you should see you USB drive
  4. Selezionare the USB drive typing “select disk #“.
  5. Clean the disk typing “clean“.
  6. Crete Primary Partition: create partition primary
  7. Format the new partition: format fs=ntfs quick
  8. Select as “active” and hit Enter.
  9. Exit Diskpart.
  10. Mount the Windows 8 ISO. Copy the install.wim file from the path \sources\install.wim in the same folder were you have Imagex.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64).
  11. Identify the USB drive letter and execute the following command from the path were you copied Imagex.exe and install.wim: imagex.exe /apply install.wim 1 W:\ (modify W with the letter assigned to your USB drive)
  12. Modify the boot record on the USB drive. Open Cmd (administrator) and type:

            bcdboot.exe W:\windows /s W: /f ALL

PS: remove /f ALL if it doesn’t work

(modify W with the letter assigned to your USB drive)

Now you have a USB drive with Windows 8 ready To Go.

Start you PC from USB and you will be able to use 8 without modifying things on your C: drive.